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Now this is a post to be honest to those looking to change things up in 2017 and make a difference to their training. I will be going through some gyms and tell you the best gym in Coventry for you, giving you a fair evaluation and opinion.

Should I make EOF my gym!!!!

OK so, if you are looking for something different and you want to develop a skill, get fit and get aesthetically lean and strong then YES of course, EOF is the best as at the Academy there is a range of classes that teach you Calisthenics and strengthening with the option of using the open gym as well. Along with this there is a great community that will keep your moral up and keep you eager to progress. With our Grading system being implemented in Jan 2017 we will be looking at developing a structure that keeps everyone in check and watching their own progression.

There is also a host of Strongman equipment and Olympic lifting equipment to keep your training functional and keep your stimulus changing, which will maximize your progress in Calisthenics and fitness on a whole.


BUT…..If you are looking to get massive like Arnie and use loads of machines and do tons of bicep curl all day then this is not the place for you. Although here are a few honorable mentions for you to try out in the Coventry area for body building styles of training and other styles of training…..



This is a really good gym for the hard core mass builder. Ran by Steve Cart who is at this time a competing body builder, it is home to a few known names in the pro and amature body building game. Good machines and lots of free weight equipment!


From what I know this is a great place to train for the generic gym goer. They do body building training and host a lot of 121 PTs that know there muscle building stuff. They also have a few bags and quite a bit of Cardio machines!


This is probably the best bootcamp in Coventry. It has very knowledgeable instructors and has always had an ethos of community and weight loss about it. Great one to get in touch with nature and train outdoors in the summer. Perfect for people who are looking to lose weight specifically or just like getting muddy!

So if you are looking for a gym in Coventry then all you need to do is ask and here at EOF we will give you our honest opinion as our goal is a fitter Coventry. If what we do is not your thing we can help suggest the right gym for you and point you in the right direction.

I hope this little blog will guide you in your fitness journey in 2017!

Oh….. before you go……

I have just released my e-book. The Ability to be Able! Beginner Calisthenics! This is a 5 phase program you can try at anywhere, anytime and will guide you through a fitness regime that will guarantee results!

Till Next time…. Bless!!!


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