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At Club Strong we organise our session so the members get to try out and train for strongman/woman events. We train people for functionality and competition. We have found that Strongman sessions massively compliment the Calisthenics and vice versa. Making out members strong and lean.

We work on events such as:

  • Atlas Stones
  • Farmers Walk
  • Yoke
  • Log Lift
  • Conan Walk
  • Heavy Drag
  • Squat
  • Dead Lift
  • Power Steps
  • and more…..


Our Strong girls put the men through their paces. We have girls at 50kg lifting 120kg and we have girls lifting around the 150kg mark. Doing things that some men their size can’t do.

If you are undecided on whether to try it or not then come have a chat with some of our female members to put your mind at ease.

“Since strating my fitness journey at the Coventry Academy I have found my strength massively increase and watched myself get closer and closer to my goal of competing in a Strong Woman event!” – Georgia Darlison (EOF member)