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Lets give a blog a go….

Hey, my name’s Jase and I have never wrote a blog in my life. My current situation has aloud me to create content that has been made with your growth in mind! I will be writing about what I do, the Academy I run in Coventry, general information on important fitness topics, fitness industry and business, events and journeys my team and I take and things I feel will benefit you! Because that’s what its about, giving you the best of what I can offer!

Firstly I am not a writer, I will write like I talk so bare with if certain things sound raw. But that’s how I am going to be on this blog.

“We churn out the fittest people in Coventry…”

If you haven’t realised by now after looking at the site we are a Calisthenics focused Academy coaching people from complete exercise novice to hardened athletes. We take people on and create meta humans haha. we create strength and abilities normal people see as impossible, hell even some athletes think some of the stuff we do is impossible.

We churn out the fittest people in Coventry at a functional relative level, meaning your training with us will enable you to do basics such as pull ups, push ups etc. at a high level while at the same time strengthening you in static and dynamic strength. Pretty cool yer… well it is when you can bust out a human flag where ever you friggin want to!!! If you ever come and trained at our place you will know you will never have trained like this before!

EOFvengers assemble

few of my best mates from the academy troop……

Lets try and be useful….

Right so the reason of this first blog is just a basic intro to what we do so if you fancy it come down and try it out, just know IT COULD BE THE BEST DECISION OF YOUR LIFE! Haha, or you could just think its really cool and want to take part in our awesome community! So if your at a normal Coventry Gym come try our way of training, I guarantee it will change the way you train whether you stay with us or not!

Gonna leave you with some useful guru wise tips to take away with you to start you with incorporating cali into your training:

  • Start to incorporate primal movements i.e bear crawls its great for function and can be used to increase endurance
  • Learn what your body can do on its own, by this I don’t mean just learning different exercises but also you bodies current abilities and limits, the majority will be surprised at what they learn about their own strength!
  • ¬†Always train to and past your limits for increase in strength, by this I mean try getting that last rep in AS LONG AS THE FORM IS CORRECT your body will eventually adapt! Crap form even on a last set = crap gains or engagement of the wrong muscles you are trying to target! I could keep going on but these are supposed to be bullet points! Will blog it another time!
  • And finally remember no matter how tempting it is to be at one with nature, stay on the outside of the fences at the zoo!!

Hope you enjoyed this first blog! content might be a bit all over the place but I will get better….. Check my next blog for the business/fitness crossover issue!

Thank you for reading, Bless!

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