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Hey Troop, Today I plan on letting you in on a few tips that will help you impact the fitness industry. Now remember this is how to impact the industry not how to become a millionaire from the industry as that will come in time. There are not many people who hit the big dolla just by luck and stumbling on the million pound idea, its usually a hell of a lot of grind and effort that will put you where you want to get cause as the old saying goes “you create your own luck!”

With Niche, Network and Document you will be well on your way to becoming something that people will look to in the industry and on a whole the fitness industry is 90% people wanting to be in your position. Even if 1 person is paying attention that is where it can all grow from.


Creating a Niche is an option that I feel will start people off on the right road. It is not quick or easy and will involve more graft but will be more beneficial in the long run. You could do something the 1000s are already doing but it will get lost in the noise of it all. Stand out and do something different and people will be intrigued. From experience it is a lot harder to market something no one has heard of or is a new area, but is more beneficial in the long run. If your gonna do it properly its gonna take a bit of time!


If what you do is unknown to the masses then you need to let the masses know. In all different areas fitness, business, local, national, house mums, gardeners, universities! As you can tell there is a lot of areas, and you have to see all areas as potential impactees. Find your potential following and roll with it. What you do might be apreciated by tree surgeons but not by brick layers. Find this out! Get to as many seminars, networking events, expos etc and possible and talk to as many people as possible to tell them what your about! If you find out of every 1000 people you talk to 10 will follow you you know you need to talk to at least a million people to make a good impact!


Personally I have been slow to this realisation, but if you write, record, speak or present everything you do before you know it you have content that can be implemented in all sorts of other projects that can work towards creating a bigger impact. Not only that but if from your content you change one persons perspective in a positive light then your purpose of creating an impact will begin. Remember the biggest trees come from the tiniest seeds. If you can plant those little gems all over the place you will make a GENUINE long term impact not a fleeting 5 minutes of attention!

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Attention or Responsibility?

I had a lengthy talk with my mate Sharky regarding this. Now when you look for a reason, purpose, impact you need to think long and hard, is it the attention you are after or the responsibility?

Let me explain, if its attention you are after you will never be happy because you will always want more and more and more and it will never be enough and your impact on the industry will never satisfy you you may impact but why are you doing it? At the end of the day if what you have achieved and what you do doesnt make you happy, whats the point!? Where as if its responsibility of your words and actions and the impact they have on the people, whether it be few or many you give yourself purpose, meaning and cause behind everything you put out then you will have created a place for yourself where you feel your impact in the industry is important to that 10. 100, 1000, 10’000, 1 million people.

So in the end how you feel regarding your goal of Impacting the industry will decide its effect on you! But hey if your happy chasing something that will constantly be unattainable go balls out!


To translate this to any industry I look at it like this: Has anyone seen that old film Deep Impact released in 1998? Its about a comet hurtling its way towards earth to destroy all life as we know it, but the heroes manage to put a bomb on it that breaks it up in to smaller peaces. The small peaces don’t destroy the Earth but they still do some significant damage to it.

To impact any industry you gotta look at things like the Earth is your industry and you are the comet Be the comet after it has been blown up, you don’t want to destroy the earth and only be noticed for the next 5 minutes, you what to make loads of little impacts on it that make people view things differently, that changes things enough to make people stand to attention, but gives them the opportunity to see what your capable of!


I hope this helps some people get an idea of how to create something special for themselves and create the IMPACT they are intending on making!!

Thanks for your time Troop appreciate the time you give to my blurb! Bless!!

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