Hi Jase here and with my online coaching I’m looking to keep you accountable for the new year. Making sure you keep on track and hitting your goals for 2017.

We will work together to keep track of all your progress and where your macros should be for what you are doing. So whether your looking to just learn a new skill or looking to lose, gain or maintain your weight.

I 100% guarantee that working together we will get you there!

I personally will be your point of contact, keeping in touch with weekly check ins ensuring that the program and your nutrition is where it should be to reach your goals in the most effective way possible!

Whether you are a beginner or an athlete the online service is about development and progressing to YOUR next level.

Whether your training at home, in a park or in a gym it doesn’t matter as the program created for you will be bespoke and, made to fit your lifestyle, no matter the equipment available!

We can work in several different ways, some clients only want help with there training and programs, some want to incorporate Calisthenics in there current program and some want everything from programs to nutrition plans and need help every step of the way!

So what comes with the online service:

  • Expert calisthenics program guidance from Jase Barvolution

This means that you will receive a bespoke program to fit you and your goals, whether it be a specific exercise you want to learn, general fitness, relative strength increase or weight changing goals. I work on cycling the phases to create a growth program in the area you most want to progress getting you leaner, stronger and healthier.

  • Nutritional Guidance

I work on a flexible nutrition style meaning I will fit and get your macros right editing them to suit what happens at each weekly check in. Monitoring what works best for your body increasing and decreasing carbs, fats and proteins to make the perfect adaptation for you. There will be suggestions of the best types of macros for you on your shopping list, but this is about making it work for you and fitting it around your lifestyle the best way possible

  • Weekly Check Ins

On a Sunday morning I will be doing your weekly check ins, meaning any questions through the week, your in puts on the progress sheets and your program and nutrition changes will be noted and adapted and explained with either a live video chat or a recorded video message showing you why, where and how we plan to move forward with your training the next week. Keeping things fresh and constantly adapting to your goals.

  • Instant contact assistance

With the online service you will receive instant contact assistance. If there is an urgent question or adaptation needed regarding program or nutrition then you will have access to my client contact Whats App meaning you will get instant replies as soon as I get to see the message. These will usually be read in the morning at 0700hrs so if you have an important question about the day ahead get it in before then!

  • Integration on to SSA grading

Working closely with the Street Sports Association, I have managed to arrange an online video assessment service for my clients, this means yo can work towards your Street Sports Association grading online under my tuition. Working your way through this Calisthenics discipline means you will be able to achieve and show your progression through the grading tees. (More info on www.streetsportsassociation.org)

  • Free gift at 3 month review

Every 3 months as a well done for your progress and a thank you for being dedicated and persistent I will be presenting you with a gift to show my gratitude to what you have put into your training and so you feel that your achievements are not gone unnoticed!

  • Progress Guaranteed

The way the online coaching works it guarantees progress. As long as you put the work in and are focused and determined you will reach your goals. I want everyone who uses my services, online or face to face to benefit in the long run. I aim to create a lifestyle, not a fleeting fad. If people walk away after using my services having learned something or progressed at something then that is my job done!

  • My full support

I will be there every step making sure I guide you down the right paths, but I expect 200% from my 121 clients. This is not for everyone, you have to be dedicated to your lifestyle change or change in routine. I want you to succeed as much as you do if not more, so I expect a lot from you. Especially my online clients!

You will be asked to sign a 100% effort agreement meaning that your full commitment and dedication is required and if your in then I’m in. You get my all if you give your all!


  • Lets Start You will be sent an initial questionnaire sheet that needs to be filled in to ensure I have all the information I need.
  • The Programs and Plans Using a bespoke spreadsheet which we both will edit to update your program and nutrition we work through how we are going to better your progress. We will be able to edit measurements, weight, program, macros and grading details on these sheets. Anything you don’t like we change. Simple as that!
  • Check up Questionnaire This will be a form filled in every week that will be sent prior to the weekly check in so we can resolve any issues, change the program and plans to suit you better if necessary and to give me some talking points and make the potential changes needed for the check in videos.
  • Video check ins and Live Chats On the check ups you will be sent a link that will allow you to watch a video that will show myself, any screen explanations and any commentated exercise videos needed. If it is a live check up we will be chatting face to face on a face time link up!
  • Video Exercise Descriptions There will be video descriptions of all exercises given on your bespoke program with degressions and progressions when needed. All you have to do is perform the given exercises in the format provided in the given program, supported by your nutritional guidance and you will be making progress.