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For my sports therapy I specialise in injury rehab, sports massage and corrective exercises. I have treated occupational and sporting injuries such as whiplash, plantar fasciitis and sprained ATFL. I also run rehab courses for people returning from surgery. I deal with correct movements patterns, gait analysis and correct form in exercises, such as squat and other Olympic lifts.

I am competent in strongman events and enjoy Calisthenics training and strengthening. I can help create a period based training programme, help take athletes training to the next level  and strengthen beginners from scratch, all the while dealing with any injury along the way.

Qualifications & Achievements:

Msc in strength and conditioning (pending)

BSc in sports therapy (HONS)

Fitness Instructor L2

Personal Trainer L3

Played Rugby at regional level

Ate 16 plates of food at Cosmo