Fitness Retreat… are you serious?

Yes, Yes we are…. Fed up of training in Coventry or even the UK?? At EOF we have evolved to the next level of fitness training and opened Evolution Of Fitness Retreats.

What’s the deal then fitness freaks?

Well, our expert coaches will be taking small handfuls of fitness enthusiasts to evolve their fitness, calisthenics skills, knowledge and nutritional ideas  to the next level. Our retreats include everything. So no need for spending money (unless your having a sneaky glass of sangria or need to buy your Mum a prezzie!).

By everything you mean?:

  • Flights? Yep!
  • Training? Of course!
  • Accommodation? Definitely!
  • Food? We’ll throw it in!
  • Water? We can’t have you training thirsty can we!
  • Fun? What would be the point if it wasn’t fun?
  • Gift pack? Go on then!
  • After care with training and nutrition plan? Only because we like you!
  • Ice cream? Don’t push it!

Where are we going and what are we doing?

We will be heading off to the bars of Barcelona (not the bars you would usually be going to out there!), staying in an apartment only 400m away from the beach that we will be training on. There is an amazing bar park on the beach, where we will base the Calisthenics Retreat!

Within the apartment our nutritionist/chef will prepare all your meals and snacks throughout the day. With intervals of HIIT training, Calisthenics, cardio, strengthening, fitness games and activities. The day will fly! After our final session and training we will have some down time before we hit our grots. After the week you will notice a difference in your strength, fitness and capabilities.

So what fitness level do I need to be?

Our retreats will be split in to different types:

  • Fitness Retreat – For all abilities and those who want to kick start their fitness journey.
  • Calisthenics Retreat – A more intermediate retreat where a certain level of fitness is required to keep up with the pace.
  • Street Workout Retreat – For Athletes who are looking to compete in Street Workout and looking to up their game to the next level.

June 21st-28th 2016

Calisthenics Intermediate

Our first retreat in June is going to be a Calisthenics Retreat. Meaning it is an intermediate retreat in terms of fitness level and ability.

You will need basic knowledge on Calisthenics and be able to do pull ups, press ups, dips and other basic rep moves.

To book on or get more information on this retreat click below!

Sept 21st-28th 2016

Fitness All Abilities

Our September retreat is going to be an all ability fitness retreat. Meaning it is available for all fitness levels from beginner to fitness lover!

This retreat will improve your fitness and nutritional knowledge. You are guaranteed to lose weight and have a great time doing it.

With out post retreat support you will continue to improve your fitness, even when you are at home! We will help you towards the road to success, reaching your goals!

To book on or get more information on this retreat click below!